Church News – Feb 18, 2018


Hello, Dear church. It’s an amazing day and we have amazing news.

As most of you already know we have dance classes for children, but now we are happy to tell you that we are going to have two new classes for piano and painting.
The piano classes are going to be led by Lusine Ustyan. It is going to be Wednesday and Friday. If you are interested, please approach Lusine.
And the art classes are going to be led by Vladimir Nikitin. For other information please see Ekaterina or visit this website.
This two classes are going to be held in the church and have no age limit. But there will be separate classes for adult and children.

As you already know we are starting the classes with Artur Simonyan tomorrow at 7:30 pm. If you didn’t sign up yet, you can do so through our church website. Join us for we will have very blessed classes.

And also let’s not forgetting about the Evangelism which will take place on the 24th in La Crescent at 7 pm. You can invite friends who don’t know God yet because we are going to have an open service.

On 25th after the Sunday service, we are going to have the long-awaited water Baptism. Just like it is written in Acts “And now what are you waiting for? Get up, be baptized and wash your sins away, calling on the name of the Lord.” If you or know someone who wants to get baptized please come to me after the service for the detail.

If you become part of our church in the last half year, on Feb. 28 the pastor and the pastoral team wants to meet with you around a table. We are waiting for you.

Attention On March 9-11 in our church we are going to have a 3-day Prophetic Ministry. We are going to have amazing guests and are going to have days filled with miracles.

Peace is not the absence of trouble but is the presence of Christ. Be in peace and be blessed because our Lord is always with us.

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