Church News – Feb 25, 2018


Hello, amazing week and it also ending amazingly.

This week was very unique because we held classes with Pastor Artur Simonyan and he was teaching us about the gifts. Many people made up their mind of what gift they have from God. Let’s review a little what took place.

Yesterday we also had Evangelism where many people came, and many of them didn’t know God. Praise God most of them accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. “Where is My Real Freedom” that is what the service was called and truly people did find their freedom.

Also, we want to inform for all those who repented in the last 6 months that on the 28 we are going to have a meeting with the pastor and the pastoral team where you can come give your questions and meet with the team. And if you have been with us longer you can call by this phone number *church number* and we will arrange a meeting for you with the pastor or the pastoral team and at that time you can give all your desired questions.

And also we would like to inform you that from March 9-11 we are going to have a very interesting Conference which is called “The Burning Ones.” It’s going to be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and will hold 5 sessions. The guests are going to be Buck Marshall who is the Senior Pastor of New Hope church in Texas. Russell Woods who travels the world preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Ajay Samuel who is the Associate Director of PIHOP. Cheryl Allen PIHOP’s Director and David Oh who helps oversee the Southern California School of Supernatural Ministries. For sure we will have blessed and anointed services.

On March 17, we are going to have a unique Conference for all people who are 50 and older. Make sure to attend that day because that day we are going to have worship, word, prophetic rooms, well have healings, and most importantly there will be food.

Every Sunday we want to talk about our Sunday services. Today we want to discuss children Sunday School. Middle and older children every Sunday examine a new topic. With the teachers, they read the Word of God they examine and discuss. And at the end, they play teaching games or make art. But the small ones play with each other, with toys, or just paint.

And just to remind you that the giant that stands in front of you in life is never more powerful than the Lord that lives inside of you. Be blessed.

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