Church News – Mar 18, 2018

Hello, our dear friends.

As you already know we had an Elders Conference on Saturday where the presence of the Holy Spirit was and in our healing and prophetic rooms we saw miracles and healings.

Upcoming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, with the youth we are going to go to Lake Arrowhead. We are impatiently waiting and we are happy because we again have this opportunity to be together and with God. If you want to join or know someone who would want join, talk to me after the service for additional information.

This month on the 28 at 7 pm we will again have a meeting with the pastor and the pastoral team for those people who are new to our church in order to know each other better. We are inviting all who have joined our group in the last 6 months.

One of your favorite holidays is coming up, Easter. This year Easter falls on April 1st. And on the 30 it’s going to be Good Friday which is the day of crucifixion of Jesus. On the 30th we will meet at the church in order to honor our Lord’s sacrifice.

And now I would like to introduce to you our guest, Syuzanna Gabrielyan. On the 24 at 12 she will host a seminar dedicated to the women month.

And at the end remember, when the roots are deep there is no reason to fear the wins.

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